Do you need a large storage space for equipment and large, bulky items?

The rental box 4.87 / 2.89 – 14 square meters is the ideal solution!
Here you can store bicycles, motorcycles, large furniture, large sports equipment, large boxes with various objects.
Now there is no need to throw away, sell or move these items to friends!
You have your own storage space that you can access at any time, without unnecessarily cluttering the house or yard.

What are storage spaces of this size suitable for?

As I said, this is the largest storage box size.
It’s about the size of a small garage.
So, you can easily store large objects here that take up too much space at home or at work.
You can even store spare winter/summer tires.
However, we do not recommend that you store certain items, such as:

When it is recommended to use the rental box:

Why choose a storage box for your goods?

The rental box is an economical alternative for individuals and businesses who want to keep their goods in a safe, protected location in the best conditions.
For anyone running out of space for their belongings at home or in the office, a storage space offers a safe and economical option to keep things you don’t need at the moment.
Storage spaces are available in a wide range of sizes and leases can be entered into for both short and longer storage periods.
Choose a large rental box now and keep all your belongings safe in one place!