A storage box is the ideal solution if you have certain things for which you do not have enough storage space.

Why resort to such a solution?

  • You can choose the size of space you need, without paying extra for a large space
  • You have access whenever you need to the storage box
  • You can set the time interval for your things to be stored in storage boxes
  • All your things are safe, without risk of theft, destruction, damage

Are you looking for storage boxes that are small but spacious enough for your things?

Choose Storage boxes 1.43 / 3.18 – 4.5 sq m.
We can help.
Whether you need to temporarily store your belongings while you move or store them long-term, renting a storage box offers a great space-saving solution.
Storage spaces are a safe, convenient and easy-to-use option for those who need storage space.
We offer a wide range of speaker sizes to meet your needs, whether it’s long or short term storage.
Would you like to move your things into a storage box but can’t transport them?
We take care of it! (put link to shipping service on this sentence)
We will transport and store your belongings from you to the storage box of your choice!

Relatively small storage boxes – who are they suitable for?

There are virtually no limitations on who can rent storage cabinets.
If you are an individual and a set of circumstances have made it impossible to keep all your things at home, a rented storage box may be the best solution for you.
The same is the case with entrepreneurs who do not have much space – all the documents or even the goods sold in your online store can find a new home, namely a storage box.
These are great if you have a single piece of furniture and/or several boxes to store. Seasonal items such as decorations are also commonly stored in these spaces.
Looking for a solution to the multitude of things you don’t have room for?
Choose a storage box!