Store and move your things without hassle: choose storage box rental!

Why renting a storage box is the ideal solution for you?

If your space is limited, you will quickly realize that you need a solution.
A handy solution is a storage box.
Customers receive their storage box which they can then use in any way they wish.
These storage spaces are always available if you want to move your things there – both for short and longer periods.

  • Get a quick quote for a storage box in the dimensions you need.
  • Storage with door pickup and secure shipping
  • Pay only for what you store, from a box to a 14m2 speaker


Renting a storage unit is a great space-saving option, whether you need to temporarily store your belongings while you move or you need to keep them permanently after you’ve remodeled your home.
Storage boxes are a convenient, affordable, safe and easy-to-use option for people who need extra space.
Finally, it’s important to choose the right size storage box for your belongings.
We recommend renting the storage box 3.13 / 2.48 – 8 sqm if you need a medium storage space in which to put your things.
It will be enough if you have a few things to store, without paying extra for a large storage box that you don’t need.

What is a 3.13 / 2.48 – 8m2 storage box suitable for?

The storage box rental solution of this size is suitable if you need to store small to medium items.
For example, this speaker is suitable for sports equipment, winter tires, small-sized furniture, medium-sized household items.