Do you need a large storage space where you can keep your equipment safe?

Choose a 9m2 speaker!

This is big enough for your large items that you don’t want to take up space in your house or yard and that you don’t need right now.
The storage box service has the advantage of being accessible, safe and convenient, offering individual and corporate customers options for storing their belongings, instead of selling or disposing of valuables.
Don’t let your personal space be cluttered with too many things!
When you start to feel that the space is too crowded, it’s the right time to rent a storage box.
You can keep things in a storage space for exactly as long as you need, until you need them!
We will make sure they are not damaged and you will always have access to them.

Why choose our storage service:


What objects are 4.85 / 1.91 – 9m2 storage boxes suitable for?

Can reasonably hold one or more of the following: 1 or 2 pieces of furniture, a king-size mattress, a large appliance or two, a piece of furniture or a bicycle/motorcycle.
Of course, a few boxes can be added in addition to these.
Depending on the size of your objects, you can figure out what you can store in your storage box.
Storage boxes of 9 square meters or larger are intended for large objects: appliances, bicycles, furniture.
Rent storage boxes and keep your things safe!